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Keeping an eye on
the environment and 
your bottom line

BestFit proactively seeks out cost-effective solutions that are environmentally friendly without sacrificing vending quality and performance:

- Our beverage machines are Energy Star™ qualified, featuring more efficient compressors, fan motors and lighting systems that use less energy to keep the product as cold and visible as ever.
- We offer VendingMiser® that allows your vending machines to power down after periods of inactivity and even turn themselves off when the room is inactive.
- Snack machine’s fluorescent light bulbs can also be replaced with LEDs that consume 40% less energy.

These simple energy-saving initiatives can reap big rewards. Just take a look at these industry case studies*:

SUNY Buffalo – 132 machines
- Annual Energy Savings: 261,849 kWh 
- Annual Savings: $20,948

University of Michigan – 132 machines
- Annual Energy Savings: 224,400 kWh
- Annual Savings: $19,800 

*Source: www.energystar.gov