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Our 9-stage, 5-filter purification process

The reverse osmosis process is a dynamic system. Water is forced through the microscopic pores of a fine membrane that allows only pure water to pass through, leaving minerals, bacteria and sediment behind. Virtually everything is removed from your water except — water! But reverse osmosis is only part of the BestFit pure water systems story:

BestFit’s nine-stages to pure, flavorful water
1. Sediment filter: Removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust or pipe residue
2. Pre-carbon filter: Removes chlorine, chemicals, PDBs, insecticides and herbicides
3. Reverse osmosis membrane: Removes all hard contaminates such as lead, copper, mercury, steel, aluminum, arsenic or any harmful contaminates
4. PH silver colloid: Balances PH levels in the water
5. Silver ion sanitation: Eliminates bacteria
6. Immune detox: Adds anti-oxidant
7. Nutrient boost: Adds calcium and magnesium
8. Taste and odor management
9. Final polishing: Assures the cleanest, freshest, healthiest and best tasting water possible


The antibiotic properties of colloidal silver
Why do our systems include silver colloid filters? Colloidal silver is well documented as being the best broad spectrum natural antibiotic available — killing most germs, viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria without harm or side effects to humans, animals or plants. Compare these benefits with antibiotics that don’t destroy viruses and are effective only against a few bacteria. Not that you would add a prescription antibiotic to your drinking water of course, but what a relief to know this natural deterrent is employed for your protection.