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6 reasons why BestFit

is your facility’s best fit

There are several reasons why BestFit Vending is the Phoenix metro area’s “best fit” for all of your facility’s refreshment needs, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll limit it to just the top 6:

  • 1. One simple, turnkey service
  • 2. Customized solutions
  • 3. Friendly, responsive service
  • 4. The industry's highest quality standards
  • 5. World-class, innovative technologies
  • 6. Environmental awareness
1. One simple, turnkey service
What a relief to find one service that can consolidate and coordinate all your facility’s refreshment needs:
- Reverse osmosis pure water systems
- Beverage, snack and fresh entrée vending
- Gourmet coffee and hot drink services
- As well as ice machines and paper goods

To assist you, your specially assigned BestFit Account Executive is your expert point of contact. They’ll assess your needs, supervise setup and are your ongoing, go-to person for service and stocking needs.
2. Customized solutions
BestFit creates solutions built around your specific needs and preferences. We know how to care for the staff, patrons and visitors of organizations large and small and in a variety of industries:
- Offices, corporations and manufacturing
- Education and healthcare
- Hospitality, recreation and entertainment

BestFit’s extensive product menus allow you to create a personalized mix of the products your facility really enjoys — from the latest coffees to favorite snacks to unique fresh entrées.

Your BestFit Account Executive will also recommend the ideal equipment to fit your situation, offer a variety of pricing programs for your vending services and even personalize your machines with your corporate logo.
3. Friendly, responsive service
From your BestFit Account Executive that continually has a finger on your facility’s pulse, to our highly trained Delivery Services and Service Technicians you’re always in the best of hands.

You have GUARANTEED 24-hour repair service and GUARANTEED daily service if needed to prevent out-of-stock products.

Our investment in an innovative hand-held tracking systems allows BestFit Delivery Services to actively monitor your product mix, anticipate popularity, ensure product availability until the next delivery and communicate electronically with your BestFit Account Executive. During each visit, they inspect for cleanliness and optimal operating efficiency. If a problem is detected, they quickly dispatch a qualified BestFit Service Technician to keep you operational day in and day out. That’s a load off your mind!
4. The industry’s highest quality standards
Your facility’s staff, patrons and visitors deserve only the finest quality service and products. We feature only the best brand names and freshly prepared, local food entrées. Our refrigerated warehouses and delivery trucks ensure product freshness and our vending, coffee and pure water service machines meet the world-class standard. Customer satisfaction is key — customer referrals are one of the important ways we get new business.
5. World-class, innovative technologies
We are always on the lookout for the next great innovation to enhance our services. From our world-class reverse osmosis pure water systems to our coffee and vending services, BestFit offers the latest in stylish, efficient machines. We’ve adopted state-of-the-art vending technologies like credit and debit card vending, large bill recycling and the Golden Eye guaranteed delivery system that confirms a successful vend — all in an effort to ensure maximum efficiency and adaptability.
6. Environmental awareness
Our dedication to green initiatives ranges from using the latest technologies to produce the industry’s purest and safest water to our energy-efficient vending machines with their special Energy Miser attachments.

Perhaps with a more immediate and obvious impact on the health and wellness of your facility, is the critical access to unlimited, pure drinking water as well as healthy lifestyle snack and entrée solutions.