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Take a look at BestFit’s
three funding programs

We all love to have options. And like the many product selections you’ll find in our vending machines, we also offer a variety of funding options — one is sure to fit your needs:

The BestFit full-service program
This is the most commonly requested service program. It is designed for the facility that wants its refreshments delivered automatically and made available to their staff, patrons and clients through vending equipment at competitive prices.

The BestFit full-subsidy, full-service program
This program offers vending refreshments "free" to your staff, patrons and clients. Your company subsidizes the full amount of the vend price and is invoiced monthly for the full subsidy amount. 

The BestFit partial subsidy program
This third program combines aspects of the first two by offers refreshments at a reduced or


discounted price to your staff, patrons and client. Your company may choose to subsidize a predetermined discounted amount for each product that is invoiced to you on a periodic basis.