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A positive vending experience every time

Our close relationship with the leading vending machine manufacturers gives BestFit Vending the edge in providing its customers with innovative, cutting-edge technology matched with stylish design. Take a look at some of the technologies we've adopted to provide you with a positive vending experience every time:

You see it — you get it
The Golden Eye guaranteed delivery system allows the user to see the item, select it and be assured of receiving it thanks to an infrared transmissive sensor. The sensor confirms the product has or hasn’t been successfully vended so you are not charged for snacks that haven’t drop and can’t be retrieved.

Debit and credit card vending
What a bonus to provide your staff with the convenience of real-time debit and credit card vending — a quick and ready alternative to cash. All major debit and credit cards are accepted and are quickly verified by the acquirer’s bank.

Large bills: no problem
What’s more frustrating than finding yourself after hours, wanting a snack or beverage but only having a $20 bill? Thanks to the Currenza bill recycler, your staff, clients and guests with  $5’s, $10’s and $20’s will have access to your facility’s vending machines with their change returned in $1’s and $5’s. Currenza offers the fastest bill recognition in the industry — 1.7 seconds!

Machine customization

Let BestFit turn your vending machine into your company’s branded storefront. Your BestFit Account Executive can add your company logo to your vending machines for increased personalization and brand exposure.