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The latest technology 

for the purest water

To ensure you have the purest, unlimited water source, BestFit has sought out the finest in world-class, innovative technology — with an eye to sleek, modern styling.

Is styling important? You bet. You’ve spent thousands of dollars creating the perfect environment for your staff, patrons and clients. You’ll want to ensure that same sense of efficiency and design even down to the look and feel of your water system — who wants to pay good money for a burping water bottle eyesore?

After working through the needs assessment with your BestFit Account Executive, he or she will identify and recommend the best make, capacity and color of pure water system for your facility.

Based on our strict criteria, we offer Wellsys’ Titan and Venus units, Coolersmart’s Infiniti as well as convenient under-sink options that you may want to pair with our coffee services.

The heart of each unit is the 9-stage, 5-filter water purification system, but these reverse osmosis pure water systems feature plenty of other bells and whistles: digital operation, easy-to-use hot and cold taps, LG components and stainless reservoirs in an attractive housing. It looks as high-tech as your pda!