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Your unlimited source

of pure, refreshing water

Pure, readily accessible water is essential for the optimal health and vitality of your organization. By providing this refreshing source, you encourage proper hydration and the resulting physical, emotional and mental benefits to your staff, patrons and clients.

BestFit celebrates the end of bottled water
No more bottles — BestFit will set up your own reverse osmosis pure water system — the same filtration system used by major bottlers for their premier water lines. Consider the benefits of reverse osmosis over bottled water for yourself and you’ll be a believer:

Reverse Osmosis

Bottled Water

Freshly filtered

and pure

Open reservoirs, dirty bottles and stagnant waters

An unlimited source,
no storage required

Storage of a readily available inventory required

Environmentally green,

uses city water source

Plastic bottles; landfill

and trucking issues

Immediately available,

BestFit changes filters

Heavy, difficult to load,

staff changes the bottles

Sleek and attractive
Bulky and low-tech

FREE installation and on-call repairs
With BestFit, you’ll never have to worry about your water service again! After our FREE installation, our BestFit Technical Services will schedule regular filter replacements and are also available for FREE 24-hour on-call repairs if the need arises.